Our focus is on supporting new economic actors and building new economic relationships that contribute to vibrant, healthy, and resilient places to live.

New Enterprise Ecosystems – over the last eight years, we’ve been co-leading a new approach to citizen-led economic development in Totnes and other places. It’s a systems approach to creating the conditions for new economic actors, relationships and models to emerge, mobilising local social and financial capital, and catalysing an entreprenuerial culture, (see more, here.) Experience includes the practicalitites of developing incubator and co-working spaces, organising participatory events and marketplaces, and leading economic mapping and assessement programmes, as well as strategy and planning.

Local and Regional Networks – over the past several years we’ve been involved in initiating, developing and participating in both formal and informal networks. We offer experience and know-how for NGOs, social enterprise networks, community groups, and cooperatives looking to develop productive networks. Capabiliites include including strategy, planning, development, and convening.

New Enterprises – we have extensive experience in working with a diverse range of start ups, as well as starting up a few enterprises of our own.  We offer help with strategy, planning, development, and coaching for social/ethical/regenerative entrepreneurs, collectives, and coops.

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